About ActonaSourcing

India is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the world but sourcing products from India is still challenging. While Indian manufacturers have taken measurable steps to improve and enhance manufacturing processes, importers and buyers must be ready to encounter challenges when sourcing from India.

Some of the main challenges are outlined as follows:

  • There is no supplier directory available
  • Buyers must be aware of product quality
  • Don’t be surprised to encounter fake suppliers who run away with your money
  • Delays are common in product delivery

We work with small to medium business or even Amazon sellers to source good price and quality products from India. We help them to avoid the potential risks involved in the importing process.

You can start with our Free consultation to test the supplier and can grow from there, and don’t need to pay anything until you order products to import. 

We can negotiate with the supplier on your behalf if your inspection report is not good, and fix the product quality problem before leaving India. You will feel comfortable and more secure when sourcing products through us. We always believe in our customer success first, which eventually becomes our success.

Our Mission

Our renowned sourcing service will allow you to:

  • Support Local Community of Manufacturers in India
  • Make Available Indian products at Affordable Price
  • Hassle-Free Manufacturing and Importing Process
  • Cut Expenses without Sacrificing Quality
  • Deliver Value to Our Clients

We support Amazon FBA sellers sourcing affordable and unique products from India. You just have to choose a product from the available list of products or choose to develop a customized product and rest we will do.

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