sourcing products from India

sourcing products from India

Our Services - Your Sourcing Partner in India

Want to source products from India? Not sure where to start? Whom to Contact?Worry about reliable suppliers and payment systems in India? 

Don’t worry, our sourcing representative will help you out.
We are your sourcing and buying agent in India

Our Sourcing Process Steps

Get quote from suppliers

Consult on project cost and manufacturing solutions

Arrange customized product samples (paid)

Consult on Shipping Solutions from India

Verify supplier's legitimacy

How our sourcing process works?

We will help your business as a buying agent in India



Choose a product from our list of products



Submit your inquiry



Rest we will do

Sourcing Requirement Steps

We will assign an agent to provide you with the following services for FREE

Step 1

Product Sourcing Cost:
Your agent will help you to get the competitive price according to your product requirements. The agent can also help you calculate the total cost for bulk production, shipping and customs duty to your country.

Step 2

Product Sampling:

Your agent will help you prepare product samples (sample cost will be paid by client), check product quality and ship to you (shipping fee will be paid by client). The agent can also help you to customize product samples with your logos, requirements and matching with the same as your bulk order.

Step 3

Supplier verification:

We will help you verify India suppliers, to see if they are legit and eligible to export.
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